COVID-19 Update: Your health and safety are our top priorities. We have taken specific measures to secure your daily commute.

The safe way to get your employees back to work

An automated carpooling application between co-workers

74% among workers who feel safe returning to work are very or extremely concerned about using public transit*

*In June 2020. Statistics Canada. 'Urban Public transit' September 2020

How is it safer for my employees?

Only your employees
(Safety bubble)
Social distancing.
(Only 1 rider)
(trips and interactions)

Most common questions

It's like a shared Uber? 

No, unlike Uber there is no stranger in the car. It’s only your employees in the car, drivers and riders that help each other for a better commute and a safe social experience.

How much does it cost?

It’s cheaper than a Uber, close to public transit cost. With flat fares based on the rider distance, the price is known in advance to make it a daily option. 

My employees are working from Home! 

Commut is flexible and therefore compatible with part-time remote work and shifts in your organization. You can schedule round trip one at the time for the next day, it is flexible and works with your schedule

Is my company responsible in any way? 

No, there is no liability for your company while your employees are using Commut, they are under the scope of Commut.

What are you doing with the data you collect?

We do not sell or disclose the data we collect for commercial purposes. Learn about our privacy policy by clicking here

Do I have access to reporting and management tools? 

Yes, you have a dedicated account manager for an easy integration and a monthly reporting of the activity.

Get ready for the new normal with Commut

Hybrid work compatible

Commut scheduling is compatible with part-time remote work and shifts.

Foster team spirit

Trigger social interaction and weak ties.

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