A covid-19 self-assessment mobile application to prevent the spread of the virus at your workplace

ScreenEasy represents our commitment to safety and innovation in our daily life.

Our original product Commut, is a great daily carpooling service, but right now, time is about protecting all the employees. Based on the safety feature developed for Commut, we have created a new mobile application, a covid-19 self-assessment tool. Welcome to ScreenEasy!

A mobile application because it is safer, automatic and customized for your organization.

Businesses are gradually reopening and they have to abide as per current regulations in place. In Ontario and British Columbia, the daily screening of employees before they enter the workplace is now mandatory. As an organization, this is your responsibility to conduct an active screening. Several solutions exist like screening in-person at the workplace or using a google form, but ScreenEasy is a better option because it’s:

Safer. Symptomatic employees are identified and asked to self-isolate before they arrive at work, as required by governments, not once they have entered the workplace. It’s the safest way to prevent the spread of covid-19 in your organization in respect of your employees' privacy.

Automatic. No data processing required by your employees with our instant alerts and automatic reports. Your employees can access and complete the self-assessment in one click, directly on their phone.

Customized. Make it your own mobile application with a branded app and provide specific instructions for each employee according to his role, location or department if you want to. Our team will help you create a custom application to improve the efficiency of your safety strategy.

For every organization

ScreenEasy wants to support every organization, no matter its size, for a successful return to work safety strategy. Get access to the best technology to protect your organization and keep your business moving. Let's connect and discuss an easy implementation of ScreenEasy for your organization.
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ScreenEasy is a proactive safety tool for your organization, a covid-19 screening mobile application.