Screening questions, the 1st step to prevent the spread of the virus.

Issuing screening questions to employees is mandatory for companies in Ontario. Excluding symptomatic workers from the workplace is the 1st step to prevent other co-workers to be exposed. Having an 'active' screening strategy is key to support employees, collect tracing information and take action to break the spread of the virus. At Commut, active screening is mandatory before each trip. This is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus between co-workers as the screening is made at home, not once arrived at the workplace! 

Screening questions to prevent infection.

Since the end of September 2020, issuing screening questions has become mandatory for employers in Ontario to welcome workers at the workplace.
As defined by the provincial government, the 1st step to prevent the spread of the virus is to exclude symptomatic workers who may infect some of their co-workers from the workplace. To be identified as symptomatic, the person has to go through a required list of screening questions as defined by the provincial government. If the person cannot complete the assessment, even because of only one symptom in the list, then she is considered as 'symptomatic' and cannot enter the workplace. She must be put immediately in self-isolation at home and contact her health care provider.

An 'active' screening to get the information needed to support and protect your employees.

A person can assess its own risk factor, but as a company you must screen every employee 'actively'. Meaning going through the full list of required screening questions to determine whether or not this person can enter the workplace or should stay home in self-isolation.

It is crucial for a company to play an 'active' role in this process because of the information you can collect and provide.
You must support symptomatic employees by providing them information about the process and the requirements for their return to the workplace.
You want to collect information to trace symptomatic employee and to know about their interactions with co-workers. You need to inform those co-workers that they may have been exposed in the workplace with information about the date, time and location of potential exposure without disclosing the identity of the symptomatic person. Tracing symptomatic worker allows you to take action and to prevent the spread of the virus.

Finally, the screening can be done remotely, before the person arrives at the workplace. This is the safest option to avoid the spread of the virus among your team and to protect your employees and your business.

Commut support you with an 'active' screening at home! Not at the workplace.

At Commut, safety is our priority and we can support company in that process to make their workplace a safer place. We have a mandatory in-app screening assessment before each ride. It means that employees are doing an active screening before they even leave their home, before they are in contact with a co-worker and before they arrive at the workplace. This is our way to play an 'active' role in the fight against the spread of the virus, by allowing companies to avoid symptomatic employees to enter the workplace.
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