COVID-19 Update: Your health and safety are our top priorities. We have taken specific measures to secure your daily commute.

Enjoy your daily commute

Share your ride with co-workers

Mandatory safety rules to protect you

Mandatory mask
(People you know)
Social distancing
(Only 1 rider in the back of the car)
(Trips and interactions)

Enjoy a safe social experience

Why should I use Commut? 


Physical distancing with people you trust 'Safety bubble'


Drivers makes money,
Riders pay an affordable price


Book a door-to-door
round trip the day before


Drive or ride with a single account Flexible to match your schedule

How it works? Plan your next commute in one tap

#1 Schedule your trips

Plan your round trip for the next day

#2 Get matched

Passenger select drivers
Driver accept passengers

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Follow GPS for pick-up & drop-off
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#4 Share feedback

Online payment is automatic
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