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Automate the screening and ensure compliance

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How will ScreenEasy support your Covid-19 safety protocol?


Screening before entering the workplace


Real-time notification and daily reports


Your branded app


1100 screenings/day

(April 2021)

7 seconds

To complete the screening and access safety instructions

1 tool only

To manage and track your health and safety protocol

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St. Anthony Baseball Academy

Ottawa - Ontario

Why is it a great solution for your employees?


Access the screening in one click through
a secure and customized mobile application


Access to specific instructions
and processes to remain safe


Anonymous profile with
no personal identifiers disclosed

Most common questions

How much does it cost? 

Less than CAD$2/month/employee. It's easy and affordable to support every organization, no matter it size, with its safety protocol.

We are already using a google form

ScreenEasy makes it easier. Access the screening in one click on your phone and avoid data processing with automatic alerts and reports. Save time and customized instructions given to your employees according to their location, department, team if you want to.

We are running the medical screening at the workplace

ScreenEasy allows to complete the screening before employees are entering the workplace, as required by governments' instructions. It allows to identify potential symptomatic employees in advance and therefore, prevent symptomatic employee from entering the workplace. It's safer.

Is the screening mandatory for my employees? 

Yes, it is mandatory for every employee coming at the workplace in Ontario and British Columbia. This is your responsibility as an organization to make sure your employee have completed the self-assessment everyday.

How do you ensure the privacy of the service? 

At ScreenEasy, only administrator get access to the data and they are bound by legal privacy commitment. Only authorized and designated people will get access to reports and alerts in your organization.

How do you define the assessment questions?

Assessment questions are based on the latest version of the assessment questions edited by Ontario and British Columbia health agency. In the case of any evolution in that list, assessment questions in the ScreenEasy app will be automatically updated.

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