Carpooling reinvented. What you should know about Commut.

Scheduling my trip

When do I have to schedule my trip? You have to schedule and book your round trip the day before your trips by 10 pm.

How do I schedule my trip? Open the app and choose if you want to be a Driver or a Rider, then select your time of departure.

I've scheduled my trip, what's next? Either you are immediately matched with another user going in the same direction, or you just have to wait until there is a match later in the day. You'll get notify by the app when there is a match.

Do I have to search for riders or drivers? No, matching is done automatically by the App. Once you have scheduled your trip the app will do the matching for you and inform you once there is a match.

How does the booking works? Once you are matched, as a Rider, click on the button to ask for a ride to drivers you have been matched with, and for Drivers, accept the riders that you want in your car.

Do I have to choice of my driver or of my riders? Yes, as a rider you will select drivers and as a driver you will accept the riders.

Do I have to schedule a round trip? No, you are free to schedule only your trip to work or your trip back home.

Can I be a Rider and a Driver? Yes you can change everyday, being a Driver on Monday and a Rider on Tuesday, all with a unique account.

What happens once I have scheduled my trip? You can see the details of your trip like your itinerary or co-rider’s profiles.


Can I cancel my trip once I have booked it? You are free to cancel your trip after having booked it. A unique policy applies for riders and drivers. You can cancel your trip up to 1 hour before the departure time without a cancellation fee. Then charges may be applied.

How do I cancel my trip before departure? Click on ‘Discover your upcoming trip’ and ‘Cancel’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen

What is the cancellation policy? It's a unique policy for Riders and Drivers. Prior to one hour before departure, cancellation is free. Below 1 hour before departure 'Last-minute cancellation', one free cancellation credit per month is given, then there is a $5 dollars fee that is applied.

Driver only

Can I choose the riders in my car? Yes, you will receive automatically trip request from riders. Just accept or not those request.

Do I have to change my car insurance? No, you don't have to change your car insurance. For some insurance companies, you only have to inform them that you are taking passengers during your daily commute, as a carpooling activity (share of expenses).

Do I have to pay to use the service? No, you are making money by sharing your trip with riders. Your earnings are based on the number of riders in your car and are calculated to cover the expenses related to the usage of the car, like gas or parking.

Riders only

Can I choose my driver? Yes, as a rider you are matched with drivers going your way. You can see their profile and request a ride to the drivers you want. We recommend you to request a ride to several drivers in order to increase your chance to be accepted in a car.

How much do I have to pay for a ride? The price of a ride is a fixed amount based on the distance between your Home and Work.

Driver and Rider

Lost an item? You can alert us in the app if you have lost an item while riding. We'll reach out to the driver to find it.

Find an item? You can alert us in the app if you have founded an item. We'll reach out to the riders to find the person it belongs to.

About Commut

It's like Uber or Lyft? No, Commut is a carpooling solution, it is different from ridesharing. With Commut, you share your ride with people you know and you split the expenses. This is not a commercial activity or a service that you buy from an unknown driver.

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